What are Normal Testosterone Levels In Men

Men carry an endocrine system with a hormonal balance and testosterone hormone as a district property with its amount in man blood. We all sometimes talk about testosterone hormone such like it is a man property, but there are small details more as you predict or want to know, people want to know about testosterone levels, perhaps its endocrine structure and the other effects on men life, usually think about levels.

Testosterone as a Hormone

Testosterone as a biological structure made up of biological molecules is not one kind firstly, there are three type testosterone in blood, which are called: “SHBG bound testosterone, albumin bound testosterone and free testosterone” and blood levels of these three hormones are different, so you must know that when the levels are measured, total amount is measured or the free testosterone level will be in your test report(Low T St. Louis).

Of course there must be standard or normal level intervals for its amount and the convergence interval standards must not change according to place. As you predict, there are places making these standards such as CDC which tries to give a standard testing procedure.

Normal testosterone level in men

Testosterone Level

Another thing to mention, there are many articles, searches stating that the levels change according to some parameters such as age, illnesses like diabetes, physical properties and social circumstances.

There are tables with data according to age intervals to show normal levels, for example a search: “Declining Androgens with Age: an overview, 1996”, you can see normal levels according to ages in that table, table includes some chemical term such as molarity being used as the measurement amount, that means mole amount per litre, there are also deviations in the table showing how much it may change for a healthy body.

Some research again shows your normal level must be 500 ng/dl or higher(Peak Testosterone) and testosterone levels tend to decrease %1 by every year in men or higher after mid – 30s.

Measurement Tests

Anyone can take medical tests to get the level, but various testes may not be accurate, some testing centers are suggesting a blood level test when compared more expensive but more accurate.

Your doctor can use a chart, there are blood levels for the hormone in men without diabetes for example, there are means for normal levels with some deviation – variation in interval according to ages, you can see in any chart by age the normal testosterone level is decreasing, but this does not mean it is a health problem, any problem is when the value of your hormone in your blood is out of the given means and deviations.

Changing Testosterone

So, never forget there are correlations between men appearance and men hormone levels, testosterone is effective on such things like other hormones in body.

If you want to know more about it, you can look over an article written by Zitzmann and Nieschlag from Institute of Reproductive Medicine of University Münster, which is about testosterone levels in healthy men and relations between levels and characteristics such like strength, aggression, mental stress, verbal skills, cognitive skills, musical skills, ethnic properties. Don’t forget your levels may even change by air pressure around. � have already stated its change due to age.

In this article you have some idea about testosterone and its level, you can see a 500 ng/lt is normal while it comes to 400s, it may be a low testosterone signal. Usually by age it is changing and every age interval has its own values, decreasing with higher ages.


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